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LET’S SKYPE English Lessons: Available Courses Description

Business English

You will learn to communicate clearly and effectively for daily business tasks from a native English speaker (American) with 25 years’ business experience and 15 years’ teaching experience. Learn telephoning skills, how to negotiate contracts and hold meetings, make travel arrangements, write business e-mails. Also, learn and get tips on cultural awareness and international markets, video conferencing and presentations.

Language-specific instruction includes marketing, sales, finance and banking. We will work together using dynamic role playing activities, mock meetings, case-studies, and general conversation. 5-course and 10-course plans available.

Exam Preparation Courses (FCE, CAE, CPE, IELTS, BEC, ICFE)

Preparation training for reading, writing, listening, speaking, and use of English. I have six years’ experience preparing students for exam courses, and my students have had a 95% success rate. The course also covers exam strategies, including time management, writing tips, clues for listening-for-information skills, and reading comprehension. 5-course and 10-course plans available.

Job Interview Preparation

Learn the most frequently asked job interview questions by English and American companies. We will work together so you can answer questions clearly, effectively, and with the confidence needed to express your professional abilities to potential employers. I have 10 years’ experience hiring people, and have held 15 jobs in three industries. I know how to market myself and sell my knowledge and experience to employers — and I’ll teach you the skills I’ve learned. My materials give you the vocabulary, and teach you the phrases, that will help you to succeed. One-time course, 5-course and 10-course plans available.

Drop-In and Last-Minute Tutorials (speaking practice before exams or business meetings)

A two- or three-lesson premium to build your confidence and correct any bad habits or faulty pronunciation you are worried about when the test or meeting presentation is only days away. I’ll work with you to make your big day a success! (€30 for each 60-minute lesson)

English for Specific Purposes (ESP)

Are you an airline pilot? A waiter? A lawyer? A medical professional? A scientist? Do you work in the arts field? In today’s competitive marketplace, understanding the language of your profession is essential to your success. My ESP materials will help you learn the terminology used by native-speaking professionals and non-native speakers worldwide. We will build a course plan over 10, 15, or 20 lessons to build your vocabulary, teach you idioms, collocations, and jargon phrases, and help you achieve your goals. 5-course and 10-course plans available.

Writing Tutorials

Academic and professional-specific writing, including business, legal, magazine and newspaper, and scientific or arts, must be written in a style that publishing professionals recognize. I have 25 years’ experience writing for award-winning newspapers, magazines, and journals. I will create a writing tutorial that helps you understand the field in which you must show your proficiency. This is not only error correction or an editing service. You will learn the correct way to build sentences, write clear and effective papers, and understand the audience for whom you are writing. (€30 for each 60-minute lesson).


Today is a GREAT DAY to begin improving your English!

Email me or send a Skype message to set up your free language-level evaluation and needs analysis: or (Skype) markbeyer.

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