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LET’S SKYPE English Language Courses for Business and Every Day

Face-to-face English Conversation Courses

with a Native Speaker (American)

Learning English using Skype video saves you time and money. You don’t have to travel to school or sit with a group in a classroom. Your face-to-face conversation lessons focus on you. You pay a flat-rate fee for each 60-minute lesson (€25 – €30). This price is cheaper by 30% (or more) than what classroom-based schools charge their students. There are three lesson plans: a 1-time tutorial, the 5-lesson course, or the 10-lesson course.

Email me today, or send a Skype message, for your free language-level evaluation and needs analysis: or (Skype) markbeyer.

I teach general and business English to students with skills from pre-intermediate through proficiency level. You get pronunciation help with a native English speaker. Each lesson teaches you new vocabulary, and improves your grammar structures. Learn phrasal verbs, idioms, collocations, and other common expressions. Learn business terms, the nomenclature of international business, and how to communicate your ideas, negotiations, and contracts.

I am also an expert teacher of exam preparation courses (FCE, CAE, CPE, IELTS, BEC, ICFE), Job Interview preparation, Last-Minute Tutorials (speaking practice before exams or business meetings), English for Special Purposes, Writing Tutorials (academic papers or business presentations), and other tailor-made lessons. Small-group lessons are available.

How Do LET’S SKYPE English Lessons Work?

You and I shall set a schedule to meet on Skype once or twice per week. We can also use Yahoo Messenger or FB video. You have face-to-face video lessons with a native speaker. We set routines for your lessons: discussion of topics of your choice, business or general English (or both!). The topics range from current news events, sports, history, music and cinema, art and literature, economics and politics, science, clothes and fashion, food and travel, plus anything else you might want to talk about.

For business conversation, I will engage you in telephoning skills, casual chat and cocktail conversation, case-study scenarios, board meetings and presentations, and I’ll teach you subject-specific vocabulary to use in context, where you will learn correct pronunciation.

Whatever English language skills you want to achieve, or need for your daily work, we can make that part of every lesson. All class materials will be provided before each lesson. I scan documents (reading material, vocabulary and grammar exercises) to send to you as homework. During the lesson, the reading and vocabulary will be read aloud to practice pronunciation, and then used in discussion so you use the words within the context of the topic.

Your Skype lessons and homework will improve your speaking, reading, conversation, and grammar skills.

Email me or send a Skype message today for a free language-level evaluation and needs analysis: or (Skype) markbeyer.




You are busy and time is important to you.

Enjoy one-to-one lessons at work or home.

Make a schedule that meets your needs.

Learn with an experienced, professional and friendly native English speaker (American).

Calls are FREE! using Skype, YahooMessenger, and FB Video.

Lessons are tailor-made to your needs.

A convenient and cost-effective way to practice and learn English.

You want to improve your English conversation skills & pronunciation.

To practice your business telephoning and video-conferencing skills.

All material sent in digital format.

Flexible scheduling and easy cancellation policy.


Today is a good day to start improving your English!

Email me or send a Skype message to set up your free language-level evaluation and needs analysis: or (Skype) markbeyer.


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