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The question, once again, was

Since I got a few light-weight answers describing too much reality, I decided to answer the question myself:

I don’t think fantasy and reality are diametric opposites; any fantasy has some elements of reality; and, often enough, some reality has elements of fantasy. Dreams use real places, places and people you know; just as well, during the 9–11 attacks I was working on Manhattan, and at around noon I began walking up 5th Avenue — right up the center of the street — which is usually packed with cars but had become a pedestrian zone, more or less. The entire mid-town area resembled a movie set. Talk about fantasy meeting reality and taking over!

Otherwise, as a novelist, I am so steeped in “the make believe” on a daily basis that, quite frankly and with no apologies, except for the reality time I spend with my wife, I don’t care if the building I’ve just left falls down behind me; in the grand scheme of time and dis-obligation, it and me and “we all” simply don’t matter. But literature and its characters live on.


My newest novel is MAX, THE BLIND GUY and is available at Amazon and your neighborhood bookstore chain.  A story rife with modern perils – too much time, too much money, just enough libido, secrets revealed – Max and Greta Ruth don’t wait for what the future may bring.

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