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“The Brooklyn Follies” by Paul Auster

The “follies” Auster refers to are those human foibles that “Uncle Nathan” has witness, heard of, or otherwise committed himself throughout his life. He’s nearing sixty, is in cancer remission, and newly divorced from his wife and estranged from his only daughter. But Nathan has a healthy attitude towards life, and the follies which he is compiling get a boost as the story of Nathan and his nephew, Tom, as their lives suddenly become intertwined.

The story moves quickly, and pleasantly. This is not a typical Auster novel, his deep intrigue and illusory themes/characters/endings. All that you read in THE BROOKLYN FOLLIES is exactly is what’s on the page. I wasn’t disappointed, but hadn’t expected such a light read from Auster. If you’re on the beach, in a car, out back on the hammock, it’s a good read.


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