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Max, the blind guy … #coverreveal

Max, the blind guy comes out June 5th in a 564-page, 6×9 edition, for those who want a book-in-the-hands.



Here’s a sneak look at page 69:

“Look!” Max meant to follow my finger, but he looked at my bare arm first, holding its shaking tautness in focus. I could see him forming a smile, and he pressed it down and followed along my arm, up to the wrist, and past the arrow-sharp fingertip. All so casually, even a touch of arrogance. I thought to put a scare into him that would make him turn white if he had any brains. “If
Mrs Much comes up here, you can say ‘bye-bye’ to hanging your paintings in Camps House. She’s strict.”
“Oh, that I’ve seen,” he agreed, still with a casualness I didn’t like. He pinched the ash end of the cigarette, slowly crushing the ember until it was cold to his touch. He showed it to me. Very cool, he was, for someone about to be thrown out on his ass.
“Don’t be an idiot,” I said. “Rules are rules.”
“I didn’t know the rules. Tell me the rules.” He gave me a pleading look. All I could do was fume at him. He tried again. “Please?”
“I just caught two kids necking upstairs, which is bad enough,” I explained. “If Mrs Much were to catch me up here with you–”
“But we aren’t necking,” he replied in a fast, city-boy way. Then he shot me a wink. “Or have I missed something? I must have inhaled too heavily and I have memory loss.” A fake frown pulled at his eyebrows. “Where did this happen, if I may ask, just in case Mrs Much interro–”
“Will you shut up!” I breathed at him like an angry bull, then walked to the door to peek into the hallway.

The story of Max and Greta Ruth is an American story, set in foreign lands: Prague, Vienna, Salzburg, Venice. Desire never ends, but for whom the desire is aimed makes all the difference. This story grew from a recognition on a Prague street-corner.


What Beauty was published in 2012. It’s a story of art, obsession and ego. Read an excerpt here. It’s available as an ebook, too.

The Village Wit (2010) is a humorous and sometimes dark odyssey through village life, love’s fall, sexual politics, and that place where memory and modern love intersect. Read an excerpt here. This book is also available as an ebook.

My newest novel is “Max, the blind guy” — the story of Max and Greta Ruth, their 40-year relationship, and all the demons that show up as they find that life rarely goes according to plan. This new novel will be published on June 5, 2015 from Siren & Muse Publishing.

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