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Books Read Lately: Durrell, Tosches, Fitzgerald

Nunquam by Lawrence Durrell

A thoroughly weird book, in which so much transferred knowledge comes from the first book (Tunc) that to not have read it leaves you in a dark forest without even a bag of popcorn. Basically, the man who has gotten free from the world-dominating corporation, now is asked to help run it. And what happens to the man who never wanted the responsibility? He takes it!

In the Hand of Dante by Nick Tosches

The narrative dichotomy in this novel proves that you can have a modern thriller and its language/characters leafed within the voice/writing of a Medieval story enveloped by religion and poetry and doubt and mere survival. Some of the best scenes find the reader taken into the confidence of a man whom none of us would like to befriend.

Tender is the Night by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Scott pretty much nailed the character of Nicole Diver as the pseudonym for his crazy-bitch real-life wife, Zelda. Despite the love he had for her, there were things that any person could not accept and still call himself his/her own person.


What Beauty is my newest novel, a story of art, obsession and ego. Read an excerpt here. It’s available as an ebook, too.

The Village Wit (2010) is a humorous and sometimes dark odyssey through village life, love’s fall, sexual politics, and that place where memory and modern love intersect. Read an excerpt here. This book is also available as an ebook.

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