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Not a Random Poet (nor poem)

In one of those chance meetings between writers we hear about, this meeting taking place on the web, I learned of a poet named Cedar Rey who hails from a distant place and doesn’t quite stay in one place (by all accounts, which is only one—mine, via his voice). He has talent, and I asked him if he’d like to share a poem on this website. He happily agreed. And in the spirit of place, and re-place-ment, and also of origins, I give you …


Meeting in the Darkness

In the booming ballet of fireworks
she was a tiny spark
yet soaring over the heads
of the event-woven strangers
she fell in love with a star.

The star said: “Your body is brief
and close,

while mine is distant
and eternal—
our love is not possible in this world.”

“I am the other world,”
said the spark
and vanished.

– Cedar Rey


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