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Last of 2013 Prague Winter?

The Little Fox in a Snowstorm

Another little snowstorm rolled in today – the biggest of the four days this week Prague has seen snow. Earlier this week I didn’t have my camera with me, but this morning I was sure to plan a walk over to the JZP park and get a long view of this urban winter.

JZP park in Prague

We woke at 7am and it was snowing from an overnight flaky storm. The snow was still falling at 2:30 when we left the house for post-lunch forced march (after breaded chicken cutlets and boil-fried potatoes, we needed it). As per standard, these idiots hadn’t done any street plowing nor sidewalk shoveling. If it had been 75 degrees instead of 25, we might have been walking along a San Diego beach.

Asia-Wife in the snowstorm

Lots of kiddies out with mommy & daddy (or just one of them, as is also usual—dad probably too drunk or mom just coming back from the clandestine lover’s house [according to statistics via confidential surveys, it appears that some 30% of Czech men are raising the child of another man without having the foggiest idea]) on the mini sled hills. Lots of dogs, too, those crazy mutts.

Mark Beyer photos and novels

We took a walk up to the Flora area, where we ducked into the mall and checked out some Paperblanks journals. We’ve both got a little collection of these gems going, for lots of writing. Then a quick ride on the metro to Wenceslaus Square to the Marks & Spencer, where, oddly enough, butter/white-chocolate cookies weren’t on sale (and neither was the Napoleon Brandy) ;-))))

Novelist Mark Beyer's Paperblanks notebooks

As the afternoon light fell we trudged up the STILL UNPLOWED sidewalks (I guess these morons shall wait until Monday to dig themselves out of a mere 8 inches of snow). Our dinner of cookies and coffee (and the brandy, don’t you know) won’t probably stop us from doing yoga later.

But maybe it will.

AsiaWife modeling in the snow

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