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Reading Margaret Atwood: ALIAS GRACE

I’ve had this book on my shelf for over a year, where it found itself buried under other books. It was suggested that I read Atwood, as it had been a while since the last. Now I wonder why it’s been so long:

january 18, 2013

“Then it was time for the keepers, and our walk out through the gate, Ah Grace, out for your promenade with your two beaus, ain’t you the lucky one. Oh no, we’re the lucky ones, we’re the lucky boys ourselves, with such a morsel on our arms, says the one. What do you say Grace, says the other, let’s just nip up a side alley, into a back stable, down on the hay, it won’t take long if you lie still, and quicker yet if you wriggle about. Or why lie down at all, says the one, back her up against the wall and heave-ho and hoist the petticoats, it’s a quick jump standing up, as long as your knees don’t give out on you; come Grace, just give us the word and we’re your lads, one as good as the other and why settle for one when there’s two standing ready? Standing ready all the time, here, give us a hand and  you can test the truth of it. Nor we won’t charge you a penny neither, says the other, what’s a good time between old friends?”

– Margaret Atwood, “Alias Grace”


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