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The Gift of Ignorance

Without a TV and having little desire to learn Czech, there are benefits. Like today.

It began to snow about 9 a.m. as I was walking out of a class toward the subway. Within a half hour the flakes had grown in size and intensity of their fall. By 12 the sky was alight with fat snowflakes and a real micro-blizzard had descended on the city.


I’d not heard of nor anticipated snowfall, although winter had finally come to Prague on Saturday. The snow is still falling, and though I wished it had come like this on Christmas and New Year’s, there is a sense of beautiful wonder in the air.


And this is the gift of ignorance. We who are so connected with the absolute-everyday-and-uptotheminute somehow have lost our sense of wonder, or at least anticipation. Weather is a simple thing, but it has an effect on our emotions, among other things that don’t much count in life. So to walk out of an everyday existence into the absolute of sudden and unexpected snow is to have a present tossed at you.


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