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SKYFALL in the evening

We went to the IMAX theater to see “Skyfall” and it was fun. The action of the film had us swaying in our chairs. Not 3D, but close and CLEAR.

We had seats off to the side, but in IMAX this doesn’t mean anything … other than being away from the general scrum of popcorn chewers and texting tweens.

Sitting at the side, no one in front of us, no one behind, none on either side, and with this movie roaring at us with hi-def dig and surround-sound mega-decibels, let us feel like we owned the theater. The seats definitely made a difference, considering most of my time is spent sitting at this computer on a very shitty-uncomfortable chair. (I’m going to remedy that in an hour, when I go get a 55cm inflatable ball to sit on. Great for the back!).

We both liked James Bond, and Daniel Craig is the best of the modern Bonds. He’s dark, almost sinister. That’s what I like in my assassins.

I’m glad I hadn’t watched more than 30secs of the trailer. Some of the plot or characters might have been given away. This made the movie fresh for me. And tell me this: why is it that, after seeing a movie like this, you want to go out and run around the streets playing spy-killer?

Or is it just me?

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