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The “Comments Spin” at Digital Nation

This happens almost naturally. I read an article via an iGoogle link. And its subject gets me thinking about what people have written about the article. During the recent USA prez campaign, I noticed the vast majority of comments were Obama-negative. I truly thought he was in trouble for re-election. When he won — damned near a landslide, when you take into account the swing states he nabbed — I realized that so many more RED-STATE KNUCKLEHEADS w/LITTLE EDUCATION were the ones spewing such vile opposition. Frankly, this was hard to tell, given that few enough people identified their party affiliation.

I rarely comment myself. What’s the point? It’s like talking to a wall, or a dumb cousin who’s “seen the light” after years of cocaine abuse (and killing innocent animals).

Today’s article was titled “Obama’s Opening Bid: $1.6 Trillion” — a simple, journalistic, rundown of what B.O. has proposed to Congress. Granted, Obama — just like any president — has no revenue/spending authority. That’s left to the Congress. Likewise, what Obama has tried to do over the last 4 yrs is admirable, though there is plenty of room for criticism. Mainly: he’s just not a very good steward of America’s needs. Particularly: he doesn’t yet know how to wield the Bully Pulpit, one of his best weapons.

Anyway, the vitriol from the Right flowed from the very beginning. Words such as “moron” and “idiot” and “socialist” were used — evidently forgetting who was in the White House b/w 2001 & 2009. This time I decided to answer a few. You’ll easily find context, I think.

What strikes me continually is how poorly educated Americans are — of all stripes. The USA truly is filled with people who wave their high school or college diplomas as if those have given them all they’ll need to for life, and therefore have shut off their minds.

My responses to some posts:

1) Corporate welfare = … capitalism? Wake up, alan, you’ve been fed bad info since birth. And apparently you’ve never questioned it as poison.

2) By “destroy” you do mean during GW Bush’s 8yrs, right? When he took office the USA was the greatest creditor nation in history. After two wars worthy of putting him in changes and hanging him along with his W.H. and most of Congress, the USA became history’s greatest debtor nation. At least Obama’s trying to do something. What would you have gotten with Romney? A big fat dead country.

3) Not talking about the poor, just the NATION that was neglected under your boy BUSH. Wake up. Learn some accounting. Wall Street and Romney’s pals aren’t going to do anything for the likes of you.

4) Those aren’t “entitlements” alan — people have put their tax dollars into these insurance systems. It’s gov’t that uses the money for “general purposes” (read, “wars” and “corp bailouts”) that have hurt those programs. Neither FOXnews nor corp-owned broadcasting will teach you these things.

5) They’re not tax increases, “Captain” … simply bringing rates back to what they were before BUSH gave away the house to his buddies. Were you one of them? If not, then you’re in the river as everyone else. Learn some history; don’t expect to be spoon fed your whole life.

6) Before cell phones were invented, people didn’t known they COULD exist. Try another argument, such as: cut all corporate welfare, invest in renewable energy, and costs come down. Look up in the sky. See that big yellow ball? Unlimited energy … and with the right tech: FREE

7) So cash in your life’s winnings and live as Romney does, Biff. What? Don’t have millions in the bank? Must be your own damned fault.

8) Watch more FOXnews … you’ll get the clear picture.



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