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American Politics from Afar

Living in the Czech Republic, you see the most awful, corrupt, inept, and scandalous system any American can imagine. And so, while observing the legislative scene in America, from afar, and while watching the three American presidential debates, this is what I’ve noticed: Obama deserves another four years, but just barely; Romney is the most disingenuous candidate since George W. Bush, and far more-so than Bush; the Congress, every single member, should be brought up on charges of fraud, corruption, and treason, and if found guilty, dismissed from office, or worse.

Yet, some of the culpability of such a poorly governed, and ineptly designed, gov’t, lies in the hands of the American voters. These truly ignorant, and in the majority of cases, DUMB, people have helped to produce a country whereby its major political discussion hinges on religious and sexual-preference issues, and whose cultural identity stems from reality television programs and sports.

This is a country in decline.

And when you add the figures of declining manufacturing jobs (objectively needed for the semi-literate) over the last 30 years, America is far past the stage of resuscitation.

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