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Talking for 6 1/2 hours … is this the life?

Well, the answer depends on the inflection of the question.

For example, in my first class, we spoke about Disney World, roller coasters, speaking English among non-native speakers, and selling real estate.

In class #2, we spoke about post-modern children, raising them, how they mostly stay indoors and play video games &etc; also the subject of vaccinations came up, and marriage to someone older/younger than yourself; and whether to allow children to go to school overseas.

In class #3, we spoke about food, cooking, passing through customs, the simple tenses of English, and all things considering common health maladies, injuries, and care/treatment.

In class #4, we talked about the end of the world, going back to the barter system, how wars and pestilence used to keep the world population down (but don’t anymore), the ignorance of today’s children because of easy-to-get information (instead of real learning), and long-term relationships with fidelity.

Okay, on paper this may seem like a pretty cake job. In the moment I have to listen to some language murder, and correct people who hardly want to be corrected (but can’t shut the fuck up long enough to listen to instruction). So this is a give’n’take proposition, even on the best of days.

And tomorrow? I get to have the Czech newspaper translated to me so we can talk about “current events.”

As if I give a shit about Obama, the EU, Global Warming, or the Russians.

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