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A Day (two hours) at Pruhonicky Park

As October grows deep, the Prague weather has been mild. This weekend had been forecast to the 60s. But alas, the fog stayed thick today. Nevertheless, we journeyed (55 mins) to Pruhonicky Park and walked through its vast countryside, which include gardens, streams, ponds, and thousands of deciduous trees which turn strikingly colorful in the autumn.

We were hoping that the fog would still lift. The bus dropped us off at 1pm, and the castle is just behind the square. The castle/mansion/chateau sits atop a promontory that looks out to the first of its man-made lakes. Evidently, this was a working estate in the 18th century. Today it is a national park, and for a small fee you can tour its miles of trails and paths all day long.

I think we caught the park at its Zenith of color. Some trees we missed by one week, but otherwise, the hues were vivid. We had a sandwich lunch on a bench beside the main lake, and then walked into the deep end of the park, about two kilometers. Then we circled around and passed next to the botanical gardens, and onward back into the chateau, and then out. I think I’ll let the photos tell the day’s story:

The low-level light allowed for some dramatic reflections off the ponds.


Notice the jacket Asia is wearing … very autumnal, n’est’ce pas?


One of my passions in life is to walk through tunnels of colorful autumn leaves.



My little Nikon point-and-shoot still takes a good shot or two….


This shot is truly a “print-that-mofo” shot


Asia does a yoga tree pose … and it’s straighter than the real trees!


The colors are just amazing … almost better than being there. Almost!


Nice woman! … and the pond reflection is okay, too.


Me, in the autumn … with flask of brandy in my pocket (some in my belly 😉 ))

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