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The Two Yogis of Vinohrady

We’ve been practicing yoga again. Nearly seven days in a row now. We’ve wanted to do this for some time, but haven’t been able to find the time. Now we’ve made time for yoga: 9pm every night. It’s a good time: we’re relaxed, the day is behind us, an hour or so before bedtime, and nothing on TV because we don’t watch that anyway, and putting aside web-surfing or whatnot for 40 mins. This wasn’t so hard to do.

And once we began, each day became easier. We’ve found our rhythm, look forward to the time each night. Afterward, we wind down, do whatever, and then off to bed.

We’re both middle-range yoga capable, even advanced for some moves. But we do a wide mix of routines: we’ve found one for “relaxation” and another for “stress relief” and a third for “flow”. Tonight we did a beginners routine, and it felt good, stretching our muscles, getting oxygen through the organs, making our bodies limber. Tomorrow we’ll pick another.

There are seemingly endless routines available on YouTube. From 5-mins quick stretches, to 90-min routines. I also found a naked yoga video … but that’s for another time. We watched one yoga routine called equinox, in which a woman is doing more gymnastic routines (lots of handstands and pretzel poses) that call for strength and … something else I don’t have.

All the same, we both feel our bodies responding, noticing the muscles toning, feeling that crisp tightness and power beneath the skin, feel our walking steps spring and drive. And our energy has increased, too.

Of course, afternoon naps help.

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