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Czech Elections, part 2

Democracy in action: Czech voters have, in their regional and parliamentary elections, thrown out the Rightist party ODS in favor of Socialists and Communists. These latter parties shall likely form a coalition following the second-round voting, and rule the country. It would be the first time since their 1989 revolution that Czechs have voted communists to a majority.

This vote shows me two things. First, that Czechs have paid attention to what ODS has done (which is nothing for the people, and, worse, created one scandal after another—something like 17 recalled ministerial posts in just 1.5 years). Second, that if the ruling party doesn’t work for them, Czechs will choose any evil than the one screwing them at the moment.

Oddly enough, the Socialist-Communist coalition proposes that school kids should have no homework. They feel that children should be taught in school only, and when out of school ought to be doing sports and playing with their families. Not a bad idea, but institutionally backing a stupid society, in which the best voter is a moronic population.

However, this is no less poor an idea than Obama’s notion of eduction in America. For all who have not read about the USA Democrats’ plan for students, it’s Obama’s plan to teach children to “read for information” and not for ideas, or metaphor, or understanding the meaning of a text.

The stupid getting stupider, and they don’t even know it.

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