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Czech Senate Elections

The Czechs go to the polls tomorrow to cast their vote for senatorial representation. Most of my students say they don’t know who they’ll vote for, nor, in many cases, who could possibly represent them. The oft quote goes something like this: “Czech politics is” (helpless gesture) “and their all corrupt.” It’s easy for me to concur with this assessment, after having lived here 4 years.

The Czech politicians have rigged the system so they are able to take kickbacks, accept bribes, make shady deals, buy multi-million dollar homes (on good-but-not-that-good salaries) without worry of tax-fraud investigation, and even run people down while drunk driving without having to answer for their crimes. It’s quite a good ‘ole boys club they’ve got going here. Worse, the law and judiciary are in their pockets.

The last time there was so much corruption in the world, Noah built himself a boat.

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