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The First Christmas Present of 2012! … under the tree.

We took a power walk to the Paladium mall today, avoiding as many tourists as possible, and picking up some sun-rays on this 50-degree day. Asia was in the market for some lace to adorn a pair of pants; I was along for the walk, maybe a bar of chocolate, a bottle of wine & can of cubed tomatoes for our pizza dinner.

I stepped into the bookstore while Asia shopped for her lace. Ten minutes later I held three books in my hand (none of which I went in there for, but what the hell). I turned around and there stood Asia. “What do you have there, Mr Bunny?” she asked with a smile.

So I showed her the fist two titles: a book on language, and Steinbeck’s “East of Eden”. I was hesitant with the third book, because I’d planned on giving this to Asia as a little gift of love. And then she asked about the third book. I tried to hide it … but that didn’t work. So I showed it to her, and … now it’s a Christmas present!

I’ve wrapped it and it sits on the fireplace mantel. My little wife gets to look at it for three months.

[disclaimer: I’m not so mean; I was going to give the book to her, but she said she really had so many books ahead of this one, and that I should wait till Christmas. So there!]

By the way, we had the pizza:

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