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Gnocci w/Pork cubes & shaved garlic

“Eat it, it’s good. That plate is filled with homemade food.”
“You made gnocci?”
“I boiled it properly.”
“You raised the pig?”
“No, I didn’t raise the … Do you see pigs in my house?”
“You could have a sty out back you’re hiding from the neighbors. Did you grow the tomatoes.”
“The carrots?”
“The peas?”
“NO. Hey, I didn’t say home-grown or home-raised, I said home ‘cooked.’ Don’t you know the difference? Now eat before I take your plate away, send you out back to pick wild carrots and dandelion leaves for a mud-yard salad.”
“Hey, this is good chow!”
“A bit cold though.”

Drama can be about the misunderstanding of words, actions, and intent. Great comedic moments can come with a simple (often universal) interaction b/w characters. It becomes cliché only when the context is left ungiven and scene shortened just to highlight this moment.


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