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4 years ago 2 weeks from today…

Yeah, it’s coming up on my fourth anniversary having moved to Prague. The time has gone quickly enough; which is good because, for life in other places I’ve lived, there was more slow-torture than anything else. Of course, a fast-moving life isn’t what I’m after, but with the time to do good work in my pocket, I have no homesickness for the USA and all that it was and has become.

On the other hand, I’ve never been one to “miss” places I’ve lived. Only people. But they’re a Skype-click away, these days, and that’s often as good as living down the street — just not quite the same. But that missing places thing, idea, notion … it’s what has let me leave Chicago, leave NYC, leave the USA, leave friends behind who didn’t call all that much when I lived in town, and don’t call at all now. (So there!) I’ve lived in Malta and France, Atlanta and the charming wilds of NW Illinois. And now Prague.

The common theme between all these cities is that I wanted to live there, and liked meeting their long-residing people, knowing many of them, and continuing to correspond with many as well. Not bad, for a vagabond.

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