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Hot Thai Soup w/Beef, and a Beer

“Do you want to be alone?”
“Sure, today. Tomorrow is another day.”
“That’s being fickle.”
“What the fuck is ‘fickle’? Are you calling me gay?”
“Does fickle sound gay to you?”
“Yeah, it does.”
“Take me through that process … you’re brain, as it comes to the conclusion that fickle means something gay — whateverthefuck ‘gay’ means to you, anyway. We’ll put aside for the moment that we’ve been talking about getting you off your girlfriend to fuck another women, then sneak back into her heart — or at least bed — the next day. Okay?”
“Hey, man, I was just asking.”
“The wrong guy. That’s who you were asking.”
“Okay okay … hey, you gonna eat that? It looks good.”
“No, you can’t have it. This is ‘gay’ soup. It’s not for the fickle-brained.”
“Well is there anything on the menu I can eat?”

Writing dialogue takes more than listening to a character — although that is a lot — but you have to have a thread of story that connects (always connects) with the overall theme of the story.


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