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A Long Day of Writing … bits of everything

Summer slow-days are times for me to get lots of writing done. Looking at my August teaching schedule, I have 24 days where I can carve out 5-6 hours of writing time. That’ll give me a boost to getting “Max, the blind guy” into motion. It now sits in orbit inside my head, catching meteor-ideas and soaking up cosmic rays and nuclear fuel.

Meanwhile, today I worked in some form of writing from 9:30am to … well … now, at 8:57 I continue to write. Oi!!

Two blog posts, several Twitter thingies, lots of book notes, and a partridge in a pear tree. And all under the heat index of 88 degrees. (actually, in our palace apartment I barely noticed the heat).

Tomorrow looms the same, and Saturday and Sunday … umm, the writing gig, that is.

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