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And Prague Rolls on…

A bolt of evening sun makes a distant building look like a bar of gold. A view from our palace apartment baywindow.

The sultry days of summer are here … and there … with nothing consistent other than the bogus Czech politicians, thieves at heart and cheating the people out of their taxes while laughing in their faces.

But on a sadder note, I’ve discovered a semi-allergy to wine. Perhaps its only to wine sold in the CR, which would be fitting, but not fatal. So now I’m off the red for awhile, to see if any change occurs to my complexion, which is holding steady at “okay.”

Meanwhile, there’s lots of time to navel gaze, would that I have wont to do, as summer classes are scares. So it’s time to lie low and get some reading and writing done, while the arithmetic is in a holding pattern. But this sort of slow summer is just what me & the wife need, because it’s known in our circle that teaching English can grate on your nerves on the day-to-day process of work-job-labor. Since a two-month vacation in Venice or Biarritz isn’t possible, then spending qual-time at the palace apartment playing SCRABBLE and sipping cognac is just what we’ll have to do.

Poor us.

Speaking of writing, there’s a new novel in the works. “Max, the blind guy” has taken shape, as has my daily scene-prompt-thingy that I printed out and damn-near bound, since it’s going to be well-thumbed over the next 3 years. Stay tuned.

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