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Hennessy Cognac w/Dark Chocolate

“The ‘active lifestyle’ tours are filled with middle-aged couples complaining after their horrible children, failed stock options, property taxes, and getting old.”
“You’ve come on the better tour then.”
“Yeah, we know. You retirees known how to live it up. Nothing to lose.”
“Nothing to lose? Say, join me in a cognac. Do you like cognac?”
“Never tried it.”
“Too expensive. See, that’s the thing–”
“Hold that thought. Waiter! Three snifters of Hennessy, please. Okay, you were saying?”
“I’s just saying a bit of grateful jabber. You old-timers know what life is like cuz you’d lived it.”
“Still living it, I’d say. Maybe enjoying it more, is what you mean.”
“Umm … okay. That is….”
“Let me give you a tip. Can you take some advice?”
“Sure thing.”
“Get a good paying job that doesn’t drive you nuts. Make some fucking money — excuse my French — and get yourselves in position to enjoy life, if you can’t do that now.”
“How do we do that?”
“Do what?”
“Get good jobs.”
“Hmm. Okay. You get things done by doing them. That’s all I’m going to say.”

Writers, be ready for the surprise characters who ask questions that open a vein for philosophical possibility, while at the same time defines characters and moves the story along.


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