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The End of the Earth … twice in one night!

Tonight we’re watching “Melancholia” and “4:44, the End of the World” as a sort of double feature. I say sort of because Asia didn’t finish the first movie last night, so we’re going to watch the last 20 mins, and then move right on into the next apocaliptic feel-good flick.

All of this, and the real world shall still be here tomorrow, at which point I must go out and earn more carrots.

If you haven’t seen “Melancholia,” I recommend it, though this is not a shoot-em-up nor save-the-world film. It’s a deliberate story of characters who see life differently when (1) the world is not about to end, and, (2) when the world is about to end. If that’s not good storytelling, then I’m not a novelist.

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