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Terms of “Mating” … how we see the opposite sex

I’ve read Norman Rush’s “Mating” three times, the most for any book (there are just too many books to read in a lifetime for double-reading of stories that don’t enthrall you). What I find most intriguing is Rush’s ability to see within a relationship from both sides, and so clearly (as it is described and unfolds in the story). This is especially true for the details of a relationship; but even more particularly, how the details resonate with other things in one’s life.

The selection below illustrates this “knowing” that we sometimes get about a person whom we know, and love (or are falling IN love with):

may 15, 2010

“My policy was to keep everything light, amusing. I said Do you remember the first time you saw me with my sleep mask?

He was making a good faith effort to remember, but it was taking too long. Throughout this whole time I was fighting against images of someone I had known who, post acid, could take ten minutes to roll up a shirtcuff because the aesthetics of the procedure were, in his illuminated state, so exquisite.”

– Norman Rush, “Mating”


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