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Olives (w/Martini, of course)

“He took his martini wet, with olives. Stirred, never shaken.”


Okay … for this inaugural “Food for Thought” post, an explanation. Characters must eat in stories, just as humans eat in life. What your characters eat (and drink) can say a lot about them. Sometimes, everything a reader needs to know. What do they like to eat for breakfast? Lunch? Dinner? … how about SNACKS? How do they see their food (as a visual stimulant, but also as its effect on their emotions, and life)?

There are so many aspects of food — and diet — that a character can have to make a particular impression (that the writer wants to make, in a way no other part of his/her character’s life can make) on the audience, that to discount food, its imagery, and what it tastes like, can ruin a story. Not every story, but the best of stories.


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