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Daily Blogging … is in de-lay

With all the blog writing and Twittering, the printing of bookmarks & handbills, and trying to keep up with my reading schedule and writing compulsion, there’s been little enough time to write about The Prague Life. But for all of you that follow my life in a foreign capital, I can let you know that life is good.

Just look at what we had for lunch today:

The blogging I’ve been doing (see the sidebar —->>> under Categories) is my way to write every day about something to do with writing, reading, publishing, and book promotion. There’s many subjects to speak about, and hundreds (tens-of-thousands?) of fledgling writers looking for tips and primers on the writing craft. Likewise, I’ll soon open a category for Writer Interviews. I know plenty of them, and am meeting more and more each week via social media.

This is equally part to engaging with the greater writing community available through social media, and a way to present myself as the writer of two lit-fict novels. A blog that focuses too much on oneself is narcissistic and obvious: “buy my book, buy my book!” But a blog that puts forth the work of a man of letters is a stop along the InfoHwy people will want to make.

And in the meanwhile, Prague is a sunny place and the wine is good and I’m cooking great meals and Asia has a plan for this-that-and-the-other.

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