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Can’t Have Enough Stationery Supplies

Yesterday, Asia & I walked to Tesco to do some food/home shopping. We stopped at the stationery section, where I needed to get 100 sheets of card stock for my novel promotion material (What Beauty, released June 15, 2012). I got the paper, and then I began looking around.

There were mini notebooks, and zebra-striped folders, and zebra-striped notebooks! And there sticky-notes and pushpins, and bigger little notebook … and there was a big map of Europe!

I went home with the paper and the map.

Then, at home, Asia decided that she liked the map so much that SHE wanted to get a map (but not a kopy-kat map but a world map). So we walked back to Tesco.

Once there, I saw those little notebooks again, and the pads and the folders and the other stuff. I walked out of there 314Kc lighter.

But “one can never have enough stationery supplies.”

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