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Munich & Salzburg Weekend Get-AWAY!!

Mark & Asia settle in on the DeutcheBahn bus to Munchin

AsiaMark took their 4-day weekend seriously. It’s been about time, for a long time now, to get out of town.

Deutche Bahn runs an express bus that beats train times by 1+ hrs. We lighted out of Prague early Saturday morning armed with sandwiches and a book and clothing. The bus was half empty, and the trip was fast, smooth, and uneventful. Our hotel was in a semi-Halal section of Munich, which wasn’t exactly scary, and only a few blocks off of Old Town.

A big plaza leading into Munich's Altstadt

Munich is best visited on foot, as most of what a visitor wants to see is in the Alt Stadt area (old town) — basically an oval, surrounded by a busy thoroughfare, filled with crisscross streets that was once the place to be, and now is the place to spend money on capitalistic merchandise, brewery beverages, and butchery products stuffed into animal intestines. Yummie!!

Lovely hugs in front of the fertile fountain

Here’s the shopping & restaurants & tourist sights. All connected well because it’s a massive pedestrian zone. We dipped into shops, took photos, and avoided the smokers. At least smoking is verboten in shops & restaurants, but boy! do these krauts know how to light up.

Beautiful architecture jumps up at many a turn

Oddly enough, then, Munich is a great bicycling city, with designated lanes that lead everywhere. At the English Garden, which is larger than NYC’s Central Park, the various lanes are crushed stone, and everything leads to the two beer gardens in the park (more on these in the next post).

Asia takes a breath of fresh air in Munich's English Garden


Enjoying a much-needed refreshment after walking many kliks

There are also many gorgeous squares where you’ll find street musicians serenading café denizens, and beautiful parks with plenty of benches hidden by leafy shrubbery.

This café outside the Hof Garden looks onto a busy square with lots of human action

At the beer gardens, the expectation is to get the BIG BEER … and a helpful friend is always just across the benches:

This is the test of a real friend!!


The English Garden is crenelated by swift-running streams as offshoots of the nearby Isar River. People swim, ducks get busy together, and even surfers have found a spot (picks on this in future post).

If you're blind as a bat, you might get close to the bubbling brook.


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