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Sprummer is here! #&!^@

Last week I was wearing turtlenecks and an overcoat. This week it’s short sleeves. But I’m not complaining. Although, the news is that the ozone layer has decreased by 25% … so we have that fear, unless you’re smart enough (as we are) to purchase, and then use, proper sunscreen products.

Yesterday we entertained ourselves with a picnic, including Calvin, in Riegovy Sady (pics following). The air was warm, the sun was out, the fatty Czech girls were pink like freshly parboiled piglets. And we nibbled like rabbits on our veggie & egg lunch (with red wine).

We found a good spot beneath a tree, and the wind was pleasant to be almost cool. After munching and talking, me and Cal read a few bits from our recent writing. I read a couple bit-pieces of scenes from the novel-in-progress, “Max the blind guy” — in which salacious words, dead, and thoughts ejaculated from the page. Asia threw out a “Jesus-Maria!” or two, while Cal chuckled in that male-knowing way.

When about as much fun as we could stand was stood, we left.

Tomorrow: another Czech holiday. Party on!!

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