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Pics from Prague

Having been able to get out’n’about over the last few weeks because spring is more-or-less here, I have some pictures that celebrate the season, my bride, food, and other stuff.

At the Vltavska River Farmer's Market, you can get fresh and smoked meats.


The many and varied stalls have everything a Saturday shopper could want for a weekend of healthy eating.


Lots of home-goods merchants also set up stalls.


Here's Asia, just arrived in heaven.


Over on Campa Island, just south of Charles Bridge, a small market has artisans plying their trades.


Just yesterday there was sunshine and warmth, so we walked to the city center, and took a stroll through the, formerly, Franciscan gardens off Wenceslaus Square.


Here's me in front of the same sun-drenched tree!


We walked and walked, ending up in Old Town Square, were remnants of the Easter Market stood, including a fire-roasted ham stall.


Asia didn't partake in the pig-meat, but I got her against the Medieval architecture that makes Prague part of its charming atmosphere.

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