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The Writing Life: seeing your book cover in “final”

Today my friend and master graphic designer, Lia Gallegos, sent over the final proof for the cover to “What Beauty” after a couple drafts, through which we hammered out details. I’m completely taken by this design, and know it’s going to look great wrapped around my 400 pages of a New York novel about art and life and love and beauty.

Here’s a pic of the front cover with the spine:

And here’s the back cover:

It’s a photographic concept that Asia and I dreamed up, and Lia realized for us as the cover vis-a-vis beauty a la marketability. These days, one needs to think about “readability” via the inter-web thingy, where everything is reduced and thumbnails of book covers must be “viewable.”  We’ve got that, I think.

Now to promote the book with this beginning visual combined with sample excerpts. Also in the works: a book trailer. Much work to do, but today I am very happy.

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