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Such a Quick Holiday

Bunny Day went by quickly. This morning I looked at Asia with imploring eyes and said, “It seems like Saturday morning was just here a minute ago.” “Tell me about it,” she replied. But there was no more need to do so.

Nevertheless, fond memories of three days brew up now as I sip a coffee (low milk, near-zero sugar) and eat a slab-tab of 70% cocoa-content chocolate. On Saturday we scuttled about town, dodging raindrops (and snowflakes) to shop for foodstuffs. We’d planned to make a pork roast and the Polish dish “bigos” that has cabbage and dill and onion and pork shoulder I wanted to prepare spicy. Asia put together her now-famous potato-vegetable salad (those who made it to our wedding celebration shall recall the mountain of salad we created for the table centerpiece). There was dessert, too: honey-sweetened banana cake.

We watched The Paper Chase that night, and I finished Ian McEwan’s SOLAR earlier in the day. A bit of work and a bit of relaxation makes the fox & rabbit chase into the night, so ….

Calvin came to Bunny Day dinner, around which we talked of good things and proper futures in the world of plenty that all things not American. Many decision were left unmade, but there’s promise. And then we played SCRABBLE and I, of course, kicked ass.

Easter Monday is a holiday in this part of the world. We holidayed by taking a spectacular walk from Vinohrady to the river, up along a path and through a park and under the Charles Bridge, right into the basement of Shakespeare & Son, where I bought two books. Feeling starved from by this wicked march across town, we took the subway home and ate till we nearly exploded. Two deeply depressing movies later, it was time for bed.

All in a wknd’s wrk.

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