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Meatballs & Pasta w/Spanish Wine

Asia & I had the boys over for a home-cooked meal. They ate well and appreciated the food.

After nearly two weeks tramping around Europe, Pedro said “It’s good to eat something from home.”

I made meatballs and red sauce w/onions & green pepper. I surprised myself at how tasty the meal was. And it went well with this Spanish table wine I picked up.

And what well-behaved young men Mike and Pedro and Scott are — they do their mothers and fathers justice when they travel the world with proper manners in tow (and that’s saying something, for the kinds of boys & girls I’ve seen around Europe).

“Aunt” Asia suggested they take second helpings. After just a little nudge, they dug into some more penne & sauce. A bit later they took off for a more-or-less planned group-pub-crawl with some of the denizens at the hostel. That’s the way I’d do it as a 23-year old.

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