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Michael and the Snowboard Pair

Michael and his crew — Pedro & Scott — rolled into town Thursday morning. Yesterday I met up with them at the clock to take a trip down to Vysehrad. We walked around the ramparts and had a couple Kozel beers at the garden. Everything was open and shiny with the 68-degree day.

Lots of people wandering about, mostly Czechs as Vysehrad is off the beaten tourist path. The boys had walked all over town, from Vinohrady to Prazky Hrad and back to Old Town, then with me up to Wenceslaus Square, and on over to Vysehrad to look over the city from its southern heights.

In the early evening I brought them to an authentic Czech cuisine restaurant, where they proceeded to eat like wolves because of the long day and catch-as-catch-can snacking.

Tonight they drop by for a pasta dinner Asia & I have cooking up. We’ll hear their stories from last night, and if they made it out to the 5-floor club or hung around the hostel where the double-busload of girlies pulled in yesterday.

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