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It’s Asia’s Birthday Today!!

Happy Birthday, Asia!!

So the other day I was walking to a company to teach a class, and I was passing a home-goods shop and stopped in my tracks. I had spotted the perfect gift for Asia. When I got home later on, I told Asia that I’d found the perfect gift. Asia being Asia, she immediately asked “What did you get me, Mark?” But “Mark” is smarter than that, and refused to divulge the answer. Asia is a persistent woman, and took another route to the answer: “Can you give me a clue? Can you give me a letter?”

So I gave her a letter. But that was not enough. Asia’s persistence became pestilence, and “Mark” decided to give Asia all the clues: 4 words (1 adjective + 3 nouns (2 of the nouns used adjectively)) and 27 letters. “Mark” gave the letters, not as a jumble but in alpha order. “Mark” was trying to drive her a bit batty; I think he did his job. Asia had no clue, even as she held the gift in her hands this morning.

Asia holds her secret gift

“Mark” made a home-made card, a little booklet, from colorful construction-paper stock. Asia read it with patience and glee.

And then it was time to open the present that had kept her up nights trying to unscramble the letters (27) into four words (adj + noun + noun + noun).

“Nonstick” “Teddybear” “Cupcake” “Pan”

Happy Birthday, my wee Pole!

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