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The Sweet Life

Late cancellations when it’s cold. Good work that sets a strong tone. Snow in the air and I’m inside.

February is nearly halfway over, and I can tell this is going to be a good year. The hell with the EU’s problems, I’ve got a novel that’ll be released in June, just in time to properly send it out for the national awards people read about, and writers dream of winning.

Yesterday my publisher sent out a dozen press releases for WHAT BEAUTY, and the publicist said he’ll send out a dozen more today, and another 10 each day for the next week. Part of the mrktg campaign is just like gardening. You have to saturate the soil to get a small percentage of your seeds to sprout. Meanwhile, I’m correcting page proofs that’ll be printed up for review sites. That’ll happen in early March.

So by June, I expect a few reviews to get out the word in a way that I cannot.

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