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Too Much to Do to Make a To Do List

This making a living thing is really getting in the way of writing/publishing/marketing my books. But lest I sound bitchy, I have a lot of built-in time to do things. It’s just that there are so many things I need to do, that a To Do List is not sufficient.

I need an assistant.

Perhaps I can find a English-speaking Czech who wants to intern as a publishing publicist. Then I can have help researching proper review mags & newspapers & on-line sites to send WHAT BEAUTY. That’s a start. And then there are the calls I need to make to the USA to drum up radio interviews, feature stories in art mags and NY papers (a good novel about art & NYC has to gain some ground; or perhaps tie in with another story).

See, this is the kind of stuff I think up, but need arms and legs and fingers and brain to make happen.

Meanwhile, the new novel is getting started in my head.

Oh, and Asia is doing just fine; bopping around the now-frozen Prague on her power walks. Life is grand.

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