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Good Weekend of NFL

I figured out how to get a great feed through the NFL site. Since I’ve paid the admission price for the post-season feeds in HD, I wanted to see the games w/o a hitch in the screen. You see, my computer is a bit out of date; still fast, but not comparable to what’s available or to the tech that’s being used by the pros.

Anyway, I was getting herky-jerky feeds, with a minor ripple in the video every 6 secs or so. Annoying, but watchable, and you can get used to it. But I wanted better. So I emptied my caches (download streaming cache, and the Mozilla cache), cleaned up my hard drive, ran a disk permissions utility fix, and then rebooted the internet (unplugged both router and other thingy I don’t even know what it’s for).

Now the video comes in crisp, HD quality, and no video hitches. Perfect for the 4 games I watched yesterday and today.

I say, Y’day & T’day because I don’t watch the games live, but as archived feeds. This saves me time; the archived games take but 2hrs to watch, commercial free. Just as well, the Euro-USA time diff demands I need to watch the late game at 9 or 10 o’clock. With the archived feeds, I can get up on Sunday morning and watch the first game, then have lunch or work out or take a walk with Asia, and come back for the second game. On Monday morning, I wake at 5.30 to catch the first (Sunday) game, go teach a  class, and return for the second game.

Some of you might suggest that I’ll learn of the score before I have time to watch the game. This is nearly impossible. Firstly, Czech’s don’t watch NFL football, and its late game doesn’t make the newspapers or whatever. Secondly, I make sure I don’t go on the web and “accidentaly” learn the scores. Foolproof, or nearly so.

For the Superbowl, I’m going to get a good night’s sleep, then wake up and watch a commercial-free game. Six a.m. start? No problem: I’ll crack a beer and pop some corn w/real melted butter. Beats the hell out of standing in line at the stadium to pee or get a $12 beer, or missing the multi-angled replays.

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