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The New Encyclopedia Is Here! I’m somebody!!

Immortalization is a slippery word, these days. If you’re online, you can be immortalized by inclusion in an article, but if/when that article is deep-six archived, you lose that imprimatur of deathlessness. That’s when you are eulogized, I suppose.

However, for the time being, I’ve been added to the ranks of Wikipedia under Mark Beyer (novelist). This addition, while flattering, naturally, can also be a bit embarrassing. Do I deserve such recognition? Well, here’s when I tell myself, “Calm down, pal; don’t get self-indulgent.”

A former student recently got in touch via Facebook, and she’s a Wiki editor; one msg led to another, and I provided her with some references and info that could make up an article. She has come through on her promise, and quickly (I might add). The Wiki people have labeled it a “stub,” which means it’s no more than the basic info. I remembered this morning that what could be added are my two awards for writing: 1998, for short fiction, and 2005 for news features. Big Wow, as we used to say in 6th grade.

“Down, big guy, down!”

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