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My First Tweets

I only just signed up with Twitter today: @bibliogrind ….

My first “tweets” went to a poet in brooklyn, ny (she likes Norman Rush’s “Mating”; a literary fiction society; my Chamonix mate, Chris’s “Living Websites” blog (as a thanks for promoting THE VILLAGE WIT); and to Alfred A. Knopf publishers (“Yes, writers need to tweet to show what human lies behind the written word, the characters, the wonderful lies&makebelieve”) ….

The word “tweet” reminds me of Tweetie Bird from the Warner Bros. Loony Toons shorts of the ’60s-’70s. It fits, though, because at a mere 140 characters, any message is the sound of bird in a cage.

Short messages — or super-short-short short stories — also remind me of the anecdote by Ernest Hemingway, who said the saddest story he ever heard was the six words he read in a newspaper’s classified ads: “For Sale, baby shoes. Never used.” A factual story or not, Hem summed up devastating emotional pain in 33 words.

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