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Warm, warmed, and hot

It’s more like spring in Prague, and far away from the winter wonderland I had expected (and dreaded). No worries though; I’ll take blue skies and 45-degrees all Jan & Feb.

Meanwhile, the idiots at the Czech national health insurance have inexplicably denied my application. Turns out having marriage rights to an EU citizen means little in this fucked up country. Ironically, what I pay in a private policy is cheaper than what I’d pay for Czech’s shitty NHS; and I’ll get better service, too!

I’m immersed in marketing “Mark Beyer : author” as a brand. This sets up better coverage for THE VILLAGE WIT novel; the upcoming WHAT BEAUTY novel; and all work in the future. I’ve recently learned that trad pub houses are now offering as little as $5k advanced, with no mrktg budget, and demanding rights to this, that & the other to basically own the author and his work for perpetuity. Yes, they are running scared, and like all tyrants, they’re fighting to the death.

Meanwhile, WHAT BEAUTY is with SleepyGirl Solutions and Lia, whose design will be ready in a month or so. And me? I’m thinking ahead, to the next novel: Max the Blind Guy

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