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Happy New Year!

Good tidings to all.

AsiaMark feasted on shrimp scampi, sauteed asparagus, mushrooms w/dill, a crispy salad, and warmed bread. Champagne to start, with a toast to love, prosperity, gentle moves, and longevity of life and creative thought; in the new year and beyond.

But before all of this, I cooked: the mushrooms in olive oil and dill; hot-sauteed asparagus w/hints of salt & pepper; and garlic fried in oil then shrimped dropped on top for a fast sear before getting to the table. Asia fixed up the salads, and a nicoise dressing. What fun!

The fireworks had already begun across town, and we could hear window knockers from time to time. We listened to some music, a mellow Spanish guitar. With food on the table, we began to eat with purpose.

Odd, how cooking can take long, but eating is a little-piggy-in-the-trough episode. We finished with some chocolate (me, dark; Asia, milk) and a few gingerbread cookies. Now nicely fattened, we made a clean up, and then a repast to the movie theater area of the house, where we watched a scintillating drama, “Shrink” … about a psychiatrist in free-fall, staring Kevin Spacey. Highly recommended by Mr Rabbit & The Foxling.

We paused the late-rr movie to toast the NewYear; watched the bells and fireworks on TV from Copenhagen (of all places), and then saw some bright pops in the night sky down our block coming from the park. Not much, this year; it was sleeting.

After midnight, we got to talk with Matt & Jen, out in Utah, then it was onto finishing the movie (Good Will Hunting). We went to bed, woke around 10am., and now leading a nice lazy (but proto-productive) day.

Good wishes to all! May your hangovers be cured by the hair of the dog!

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