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And now, enter the Tchibo “Cafissimo”

We went to Tesco to shop for our New Year’s dinner and celebration. Then we stumbled into Tchibo to look at the coffee makers … again. We’d decided to wait for the Cafissimo to go on sale again, but then we realized that the difference between the tradition and deluxe models was one of color … and 500Kc. This is what did it (and, of course, the sudden surge of the USD against the Krona :-))

The coffee packets come in different strengths and flavors: espresso; crema; decaf; rich bean. And this puppy makes a good batch of milk froth, too! A very intuitive machine, easy to use, no fucking around; computerized and set to make the ideal cup of joe.

We also bought four cartons of coffee packets … and got three free!

All told, this has been one very successful Christmas-present-money purchase. Thanks Mom & Dad!!

Yeah … and right now I’m flying on caffeine.

AsiaWife with first cup of NEW COFFEE

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