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Back from Poland … the land of hope, promise, and pierogi!

We sailed off on a rail steamer last Saturday, Dec 18, and got home just a few hours ago. We’ve already done a load of wash!

The Chopin express to Warsaw was dreamy, literally. After an hour, we sacked out and woke up an hour before arrival. Then the long, slow coach across Poland began, which could have been worse, but wasn’t. I read nearly 150pp of a Roth book, and finished it with time to spare, so I jammed out on my iPod to some LOUD rock’n’roll.

Adam & Natalia’s flat is still for rent, so we got to stay there. It’s a nice flat with a stunning view of Gdynia suburban bliss.

Asia had lots to do on her Polish holiday, which gave me time to stop at a café for ice cream and a latte. Outside the mall, the “lights of Gdynia” were bright with holiday cheer.

Władek and Ewa made massive amounts of food, and we ate pierogi, krokiety, gołąbki, a Greek spicy fish dish, and lots of cake!

Christmas at Adam & Natalia’s was a nice food-fest, and we opened presents with the young Wojtik, whose main-line present was a Playstation handheld gizmo.

Asia got her hair done, and she looks hotter than ever. Grrrrrrr!

Then she sliced her fingers while cleaning a candle holder, and without proper medical supplies, we needed to improvise.

More pics of me later, when I get them.. And more stories!


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