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Sunset at 3:45 on the Baltic coast

Yes, as I was having coffee and ice cream in a Gdynia mall, I looked up and thought it might be ten o’clock. But my phone-time read just 3.45pm

It’s dark up here along the Baltic Sea. Sunrise this morning was 7.40am. Not that we’d notice much, since work is a just a memory, at least for the next two weeks.

The Poles have no Christmas markets, per se. You can find a few stalls selling ornaments and miniature reindeer woven from sticks. But all of that is okay, and why fill Europe with a German tradition.

I tried to walk to the coast, along the beach, but got only 500 yards from the water; winter is here and the raw wind pushed me back to the mall, warmth, and holiday shoppers.

We’re eyeing a Tchibo coffee maker; it’s on sale for a great price, and has all the bells & whistles needed to make the latte of your dreams, an espresso to put you at a world-record sprint, or 44 flavors of “kava” to suit your every mood.

(I wish I had the choice between 44 moods!)

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