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“Mariette in Ecstasy” is a big “little” book

I was turned onto this novel by a writer friend, and reading its 100+ pages became a wonderful bath in warm, strange waters. The voice takes you into a story at once meaningful but awful.

july 4, 2009

“Sister Agnes slinks through a gap in the whiteness with a straw basket of underthings that they silently pin up in the hidden world inside the tutting, luffing, campaigning sheets.

Half an hour passes. Wind tears at their work. Sister Agnes aches from reaching. She blows the sting from her reddened fingers. She watches the postulant as the tilting sheets wrap around her and shape her. She watches the girl as she tederly releases herself, as though tugging a ghost’s hands away.”

– Ron Hansen, “Mariette in Ecstasy”

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