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Capote on Capote: believable?

Truman Capote’s writing can be sharp, it can be original; it will make you understand aspects of life and death you had never considered. Capote the man was as much a talker, in his limelight of success, as he was a writer. Talk is cheap; but what happens when we want to step behind the curtain?

august 15, 2011

“When I was young, I wanted to be rich, terribly, terribly rich. My mother, after divorcing my father, married a rich man, but they were upper-middle-class rich, and that’s worse than being poor. There’s no taste in middle-class rich. You must be either very rich or very poor. There’s absolutely no taste in between. I was sent to some good schools, but I hated the rich boys. They had no taste.”

– Gerald Clarke, “Capote: A Biography”

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